Well... It is a sad farewell...

I am moving back to washington. My mom could use some help, and so could I. I hope to be returning soon, but we shall see.
I will be leaving on October 17th. I will miss you all.
I hope i will get to speak with some of you before i go.

I love you all
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IF YOU HAVE TRIED CALLING ME ON MY HOME LINE, DO NOT ATTEMPT SO AGAIN. MY GRANDFATHER IS FREAKING OUT. WHO EVER KEEPS CALLING IS BEING RUDE AND INCONSIDERATE, FOR EXAMPLE, CALLING AT 3AM. NOT GOOD!!!! I'm getting in trouble, and i need everyone to stop calling that number. if your going to call me, call my cell. And if i don't answer that, email me. My phone minutes are low, so i need everyone to understand.


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I GOT A JOB!!!! AT A RESTURANT CALLED CUPIDS!!!! YAY!!! I start on monday at 10 am. YAY!!!!
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Blah blah blah...

I'm bored, i want to dance, and i want to play with my rapier. Which is sitting by my dresser taunting me from afar.
I want to go out too. I want to PARTY! wooo hooo
But i won't.
Because as everyone is aware, i'm an angel. I have other things i have to do.
I miss my peoples!!!!
BUT, i can see which is still the coolest thing ever to me.

Some of you may ask, What is the point of this entry? Well, I'm not sure, except to say i'm bored, and i miss all of you, and i'm bored.
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Well, it's been a hell of a weekend, in a good way!

Lets see... this weekend was so fun.
I got my contacts on thursday and I had to turn my glasses over for 10 days so they could fix the perscription, so i could see. So my contacts are my eyes, and i just got them, but they seem relatively ok. YAY!!!.
Then on friday i got up at 4am so i could be ready to leave by 5am. I had to walk to the bus stop so that i could get to santa barbara. I made the bus and was in S.B. by 7:15. I wandered about and got really bored. I bugged some guy into chatting with me because i'm like that. "Hi, i'm liz, i'm bored and i've decided that your going to entertain me now." I know, I'm pushy....
Then i met up with Areye/David and we picked up his lovely girlfriend and left for LA. WOOO Hooo!
We got to Cap'n's house and they didn't know i was going to be there, but it was funny. I helped in the kitchen and we had Areye/David's party and hung out with Marcos/Eric a lot, so it was a lot of fun... I talked to Nate and we all sang along to the songs that kept being thrown into conversation at dinner by a certain "drunken-tipsy" man... Hmmm, i wonder who that might have been... lol
So then i went to bed at around 2-ish on cap'ns couch and was exhausted when i was awoken in the morning by a certain cap'n playing with my toes...
We went to Angels Melee and i made sure all of my fighters had water... I took care of an emotional thingy and then i left with marcos/eric to meet everyone at a resturant for dinner and socializing. We got lost, it was fun... Hahaha...

Then we all had a great time chatting and freaking the mundanes. I wore my cream-white-silverish coathardy and got asked if i was a princess, like at twelfth night.It was pretty cute.
I left with Marcos/Eric again to go to Cap'ns house and we watched some firefly episodes. It was awsome, i had never seen any of the episodes...
Momma Cat and Lot went to bed, and Areye/David, Marcos/Eric and I all stayed up and chit chatted for awhile. Then Areye/David went to bed.
Marcos/Eric and I stayed up for only goddess knows how long, talking about an interesting array of things. He communicates really well.
So, at the break of dawn, i was finnaly going to bed... then i woke up at 9ish and we all laid around the house in our pajamas, except Marcos/Eric, who slept in garb, since he didn't expect to be staying at Cat and Lot's.
Saul and Kendra came by, then saul left. Areye/David, kendra and i left and then we got to thier home in S.B. at about 3or so i think. Areye/David dropped me off at the bus stop, and when i realized that i had been waiting for a while, and the bus was still not there, I called Kimberley and found out that the bus i needed to take doesn't run on weekends... Hahaha. So i'm back at the harem... I go home tomorrow.
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